Capita Healthcare Decisions

The Clinical Coding & Schedule Development (CCSD)

Improving the UX, UI & mobile experience of a complex data driven website


The CCSD (Capita) website was built to be the home for the standard codes for procedures and diagnostic tests for the UK private healthcare sector. This includes representitives from Aviva, AXA Health, Bupa and VitalityHealth.

Healthcare professionals use the system to reference industry standard practices and also contribute to the ongoing ecosystem by suggesting moderated changes, identify any conflicts with procedures and diagnosis

Data driven

A thorough analysis of both Analytics and usability allowed us to identify key pain points in the User Experience.

These were primarily focused on users accessing information in the Schedule, which contains a significant amount of data so improving UI elements such as filters, navigational aids, call to actions and forms was critical.

A new experience

Cleared sign-posting was added for users and search functionality was enhanced and made clearer. As much of the data is in tables, it was imperative the look and feel of these was improved both functionally and visually.