Film can help you increase user engagement for your business

We produce captivating content, that is uniquely tailored to each and every project, for companies large & small. We work with expert cameramen and all films are directed by experienced in-house creatives, and we provide detailed storyboards to enable you to clearly understand what we will deliver before we even take a shot.

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Our process is simple

The main thing about producing any video is to be organised and plan in advance. That way you will get the most out of your time and budget. Remember, you may not be able to go back and do it again.

The process is simple, and can be scaled up or down depending on the complexity of the shoot.

Understanding your requirements

Understanding the key message you want to get across, the intended audience, and when you need the final film is important and will enable us to prepare a cost estimate for you.

There is no ‘one price fits all’ and we provide competitive costs based on your requirements.
If you have a fixed budget we will let you know what we can do to help you get the results you want.


Scheduling and Planning

We will work with you to produce a timeline for the project and discuss all requirements; from people needed, equipment required, to location and all the other things we need to think about. Planning is key to making sure we get all the footage we need to be able to create a fantastic film for you.

Site Inspection (Recce)

We will often perform a reconnaissance (recce) of the location where filming will take place, depending on the nature of the film. This will involve selecting the best place to conduct the interview or shoot the footage, so we get the best shot and that it causes the minimum disruption to the office, people or environment.

Before we shoot

We will make sure everyone has a film schedule and knows exactly what will be happening during the day, including what they can and cannot wear.

We always arrive early and ensure we are set-up and ready to go and try to minimize the amount of time people need to spend on-set, before everything is ready.

We are very conscious of observing the health and safety parameters and being respectful of the clients workspace. Even more so now, in these difficult times with the Covid pandemic, we will make sure we adhere to all the guidelines and social distancing, wearing of masks etc. to ensure everyone’s safety.


Day of the shoot

An example of a days shoot would see the creative director and camera operator or operators, helping to make sure the people being filmed feel comfortable with the process and we try to instill a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

There are many different types of scenarios and we will have discussed this in advance, but are agile enough to work with you to get the best out of those being interviewed or best shots of your event or product.

After the shoot we can all go home to rest.


First draft edit of the Film

We will look through the footage and create a more detailed storyboard.

Once the storyboard is approved, we can get started with the edit, so you can rest easy, knowing there won’t be any nasty surprises in how the film looks.

We take your final feedback and incorporate them into the second draft of the edit.

Second draft edit of the Film

Generally at this stage, there should only be very minor changes and once you are happy with the edit, we will render the film at the best resolution for your requirements.


Now you can show-off your film to the world.

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